International Conference on the Chinese Culture

On Friday, March 4th 2011 the International Conference Paradigms of Chinese Culture – Background Values and the Image of Civilization took place at Free International University of Moldova. This important scientific event was organized by the Confucius Institute and the Institute of Philological and Intercultural Researches, in partnership with Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China. The major objective of the conference was to make a phenomenological reflection of the multiple facets of the Chinese culture, to reveal the exceptional Chinese saga combining the tradition and the actuality in order to valorize and update its symbolical and metaphorical language, sometimes impenetrable for the other cultures.

Famous personalities from China, Sri Lanka, USA, Argentina, Colombia, France, Georgia, Romania and Republic of Moldova, through various and multiple communications, brought contribution to a new cognition of the Chinese culture seen from the Chinese, oriental and autochthone perspectives.

For this scientific event the scientific secretary of ICFI, Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov presented the communication entitled Self-Translation in China: Cross-Cultural Activity and Bilingualism.

For further information concerning this conference visit the website of the Institute of Philological and Intercultural Researches

Conference Program (Chinese, Romanian, English)

Ghenadie Râbacov

„Educația zidește punți ce unesc trecutul cu prezentul și prezentul cu viitorul”.

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