Role of Case Studies in Improving Students’ Interdisciplinary Skills

The mission of a foreign language teacher is to foster intellectual growth in his /her students, to help them to successfully develop linguistic as well as non-linguistic skills. One of the ways of doing so is by means of the case study, which might be considered as one of the most valuable methodological tools, as it provides learners with an authentic learning environment and authentic research materials.

Interdisciplinary teaching is for sure an ambitious approach to use in the classroom.
Fortunately, there are activities we can implement relatively easily that deliver research-backed benefits. These include:
  • Critical Thinking: Students should improve their analysis abilities by using experiences from different disciplines.
  • Better Bias Recognition: To solve a problem that demands an interdisciplinary orientation, students must typically use information rooted in a range of perspectives. This can often challenge their pre-existing ideas to help them identify bias in themselves in others.
  • Preparation for Future Problems: Using skills and knowledge from different disciplines is practice for solving problems outside school walls.

Case Studies play a great role in improving students’ interdisciplinary and English speaking skills.

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